Custom Fairings

Have you recently put on a roof rack and noticed your MPG's decreasing and an obnoxious noise while driving? Whether you have a conversion van, pickup truck, or sedan, we specialize in cutting custom size fairings to fit your needs and your style.

The fairing acts as a wind deflector, which noticeably reduces noise from the rack after installation. The fairing can also help with fuel efficiency when the rack is on the vehicle, reducing air resistance.

Creating a custom Colorado Fairing will ensure you get the right size and deflect the most amount of wind while driving.  

All fairings will come with universal mounting hardware. 

80/20 T-Track hardware is available on our parts page but please make sure it's the correct style for your rack. 

Since our fairings are made to order and a custom product, they can take up to 4-6 weeks to complete

Need help choosing the size fairing right for your vehicle and rack? Please contact us!

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