Custom cut fairings for Sprinter, Mercedes, Dodge and all other conversion vans to help reduce wind noise and increase mpg's


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About Us


​“Colorado Fairing creates the highest quality fairings with the most personal pizzazz on the market. As a long time Thule rack and fairing owner, I appreciate the custom creativity applied to each Colorado Fairing and feel that having the double-sided one best represents me, the Colorado lifestyle, and my needs as a rack owner. I can change my fairing with the seasons with the front and back design. The fairing is silent (even at 80mph), looks beautiful, AND I’m able to add the storage box to my roof rack WITHOUT taking the fairing off. It’s everything I need in a product!”

​Kim C. 


All custom fairings come with a one-year limited warranty, set of universal mounting hardware designed to fit most, if not all racks, cross-bars, and vehicle roof mounting systems, and instructions on how to install your new fairing on to your roof rack or cross bars.  If you already have a wind screen/fairing, our deflector wraps have you covered! Easy installation and you get to keep your current equipment! Don't settle, stand out with custom fairings and wraps today! 

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Before and after shot of a Mercedes Sprinter van with a competitors fairing and our custom fairing, which covers the entire repack!

What You Get

The fairing is the most prominently seen accessory on all roof racks acting as a wind deflector, which makes a noticeable reduction in noise coming from the rack after they are added. The fairing can also help with fuel efficiency when the rack is on the vehicle.

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Why Colorado Fairing Company?

Colorado Fairing Co. 

Denver Location

Double Sided Fairing

Please email us at if you would like to create a double sided fairing or have a custom image created. 

One Sided Fairing

One-sided Design Fairing
Choose one of the many pre-existing designs in our gallery for any style fairing that we offer. After placing an order, your fairing will go into production and then be delivered with full instructions and universal clips for an easy installation.  SHOP NOW!

Two local Colorado friends noticed all the old and faded stickers peeling off of their vehicles  fairings. With this one simple observation, Colorado Fairing Company was born and now provides the most innovative, patented, fairing on the market! Our Colorado manufactured fairings help eliminate excessive wind noise, improve MPG'S, and our unique designs stand out amongst the rest in the industry.

Custom Size/Cut Fairing

Have you recently put on a roof rack and noticed your mpg's decreasing and that obnoxious noise while driving? Whether you have a conversion van, pickup truck, or sedan, we specialize in cutting custom size fairings to fit your needs and your style.

Chicago Location

​Thanks to local Evergreen Colorado artist, Sydney Adams, at Sydney's Swag for creating the awesome Colorado skiing inspired image below for our fairings. Please check out her websites and social media by clicking on the links to the left. 

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Fairing Wraps

Already have a wind deflector but want to stand out with some style, we have you covered with do it yourself high quality wrap! Click here to learn more!