Each fairing is made to order, we rarely carry inventory, so please allow 4-6 weeks for completion of fairings.

If you have any questions at all please email us.

  • Custom Fairings for Conversion Vans

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    Fairings help reduce wind noise, increase mpgs, and we do custom graphics!

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    Order your custom fairing to fit your vehicle's dimensions

What is a fairing, and why do I need one?

Noise Reduction

Anything you put on the outside of your vehicle will result in a noticeable amount of noise while driving. You may not recognize it, but even crossbars from a ski rack or an empty roof basket create a barrier against the wind that will make some annoying sound or noise.

Gas Mileage

Wind deflectors/fairings will help to enhance your vehicles aerodynamics to help cut through the wind while driving, creating less drag. By decreasing your vehicles drag you will increase your mpg's that will help pay for the fairing you're about to purchase.

Appearance and Customization

You've already spent a pretty penny on your roof rack, why not finish the look off and have better efficiency and driving experience? We give you the option to customize your fairing so you stand out amongst the rest.

Deflect wind, reduce roof rack noise

The fairing acts as a wind deflector, which helps make a noticeable reduction in noise coming from the rack as well as helping with fuel efficiency after the fairing is installed.

Ordering a custom Colorado Fairing will ensure you get the right size and deflect the most amount of wind while driving.